About The Author

A self-confessed serotonin storyteller, Al Campbell wants the words he writes to make people smile. Writing is both a habit and a hobby – originally as an advertising agency creative director and copywriter, latterly as an MA student through flash fiction, short stories and poetry. This is his first novel.

A Note on Dyslexia

In common with many creative people Al is dyslexic, something to which he attributes his love of dialogue.

‘Most dyslexics don’t get on with long descriptive passages,’ he says. ‘Rather they want to hear about the characters and what they are doing in their own voice. Happily, my characters had strong voices and told me what to write as we went along. I hope this works for dyslexics like me.’

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Al and the team at Red Door Press are currently working with Doctor Steven Stagg at Anglia Ruskin University who has researched how different word and line spacing makes text easier for dyslexics to read. Following publication of the printed novel, they hope to release several different e-book versions specifically typeset for dyslexics.

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The Daisy Chain was published by

Red Door Press on 10th March 2022